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Other titles I considered were: Overcome, Unstoppable, Spring, Growth, Freedom, Decision…

These titles have a common element, a progression that begins with a seed in the rough, an innate talent, a novel idea or raw emotion, transitions through adversity to a breakthrough or “aha!” moment and then to sudden growth.  This progression can occur with faith, friendship, work, creativity, athletics, problem solving, study, investments, research, enlightenment or a quest.

An investigative reporter in the movie, Spotlight said, “much of the time we stumble around in the dark then suddenly a light comes on”.

Development begins with a thought (craggy, worm-eaten bottom of sculpture), transitions through adversity (twisted middle of sculpture) to a breakthrough or “aha!” moment and sudden growth in the branches that shoot up with occasional deviations as we adjust.

Awards: Best Sculpture, 2021 NJAS

Material: Maple wood

Dimensions: 65 inches high x 18’’ x 12’’